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What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)? We are entrepreneurs who are highly skilled in our profession. We work through the internet, e-mail, phone, fax and mail while performing all the necessary duties of an administrative assistant (i.e., typing documents, organizing meetings, planning events, travel arrangements, mailings, etc.). We work out of own facilities, eliminating the client's need to supply office space.

Ways to Utilize A Virtual Assistant

Marketing / Market Research

Administrative Services

  1. "We couldn't have achieved what we did without Green Star's professionalism and administrative assistance."
         Judith Buchman,
         Founder of Gentle Passages
    Confirm Appointments
    A client needs to confirm management (sales, operations, prospective new business) appointments made for the week. The list is faxed to a VA. The VA calls the appointments and notes who is confirmed and who must be rescheduled. The list is faxed back to the client.
  2. Fill Out Required Paperwork
    A client has routine paperwork that must be filled out on a daily basis (i.e., sales call re-cap). The client calls a VA with the information. The VA fills out the form and faxes to the home office.
  3. Offline Data Storage
    A client makes a back-up tape of the computer and sends it to the VA for safe-keeping. A small task, but well worth it. In the event of a disaster, all your files are located off premise.
  4. Reservations
    A client travels frequently and needs a VA to coordinate air travel, car rental and hotel reservations.


  1. Conference Planning Support
    A client needs a hotel conference room for a seminar and telephones a VA to do some research. The VA contacts several hotels in the area to find availability of the date, size, ad specifics of the seminar. The VA obtains written quotes from the hotels that can accommodate the request. The VA reviews each quote for completeness and reports the findings to the client.

Word Processing/Presentations

  1. Meeting Minutes
    A client takes notes at a meeting and needs them typed. The client faxes/mails the notes to a VA, the VA types the notes and emails them back for further instruction.
  2. PowerPoint® Creation
    A client is preparing for a meeting and/or seminar and needs a PowerPoint® presentation prepared. They discuss the general concept of the presentation and the VA outlines the presentation, while the client forwards diagrams and charts to the VA for creation. Upon completion the VA emails the presentation to the client.
  3. Participant Questionnaire
    A client is preparing for a seminar and needs a questionnaire completed by each participant prior to the seminar. The client faxes the questionnaire along with a list of participants to a VA. The VA types the questionnaire; calls each participant, obtains their fax number and faxes the questionnaire; tracks each completed questionnaire and calls the participants who did not respond timely; summarizes the questionnaire responses on a report; and delivers the report to the client via email attachment.

Data Processing/Database Management

  1. Client Data Entry
    A client collects business cards from business associates and prospects and wants them entered into a database. The VA enters the data into a file that the client can incorporate into their database, and returns the database to the client via email attachment.
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